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Common Clouds

There are a number of fairly common clouds that you will come across while implementing the various logistical solutions of Theory of Constraints that help to describe and understand our current situation.  Fortunately many of these have been listed (1, 2).

Browse through the following clouds and see if there are any that are common to your particular experience.










The clouds that we have looked at are all system clouds; they deal with some aspect of the business as a whole.  Now let’s take a look at a hybrid cloud, one that tries to meet the needs of the system and the individual.

This leads us into a very important personal cloud that can be expressed as follows.

Efrat’s Cloud

This personal cloud is called Efrat’s cloud after the inventor, and is the crux of most system changes.  Without taking care of peoples’ security they will not try new things, they will not change, and there will be no improvement (3).

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