A Guide to Implementing the Theory of Constraints (TOC)


Advanced Section – PowerPoint Presentations – New York 2011


This presentation was my first at a TOCICO conference, at the Palisades, New York.  A video of the full presentation can be viewed on TOC.tv by following this link;

TOC.tv  The Systemic Cloud – How and Why it Works, New York 2011

The conference powerpoint is also available at TOCICO.

The link below is to my original powerpoint.  It is in .ppsx format, that is it is a slideshow.  It should download and run in presentation mode for you.  If experience shows that it opens in editing mode, and your system offers the prompt “open, save, save as” then select save and then open and it will run for you.

The Systemic Cloud – How & Why It Works, New York 2011

In this work I pull together quite a number of years of little “things” that make this particular cloud work.  Many of us know how to make it work; far fewer of us understand why it works.  Understanding why builds confidence in the use and application of this amazing little device.


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