A Guide to Implementing the Theory of Constraints (TOC)


Advanced Section – PowerPoint Presentations – Knowledge & Structure


This ought to be the first part of the power point on systems and structure.  However, it has become the second part.  I originally “worked this up” as one description and then spilt-off the systems aspect because it develops into an argument for rate-limiting steps.  Here some of the underlying basics of knowledge and structure which were not germane to that description are presented.

The link below is to my powerpoint.  It is in .ppsx format; that is it is a slideshow.  It should download and run in presentation mode for you.  If experience shows that it opens in editing mode, and your system offers the prompt “open, save, save as” then select save and then open and it will run for you.

Knowledge & Structure

We know more than we can say, and as you will probably realise by now that is a fairly common theme for me.  Here I try to pull the work of Polanyi, and Piaget together into a coherent whole on how we know what we know and the structure of that knowing.


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