A Guide to Implementing the Theory of Constraints (TOC)


Advanced Section – PowerPoint Presentations – Jaques, Polanyi, & Quintaves


A number of people have “seen” commonality between the work of Elliott Jaques and Eli Goldratt.  I think that some of this is superficial resemblance – such as the layers in the Strategy and Tactics Trees.  There is, however, a much deeper and more fundamental relationship.

The link below is to my powerpoint.  It is in .ppsx format, that is it is a slideshow.  It should download and run in presentation mode for you.  If experience shows that it opens in editing mode, and your system offers the prompt “open, save, save as” then select save and then open and it will run for you.

Jaques, Polanyi, & Quintaves

Since about 2007 when I first became aware of Jerry Harvey’s work, and then that of Elliott Jaques, I have wondered about his “thing” that Jaques called a quintave.  A repeating structure of ways of thinking that we all cycle through as we progress through childhood and adulthood.  I asked people – many people – and no one seemed to know.  I may simply not have gone back far enough into his earlier work.  Nevertheless, recently, the pieces fell into place, and with that also a tentative understanding of the relationship to the Thinking Processes.  Have a look, see what you think.


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