A Guide to Implementing the Theory of Constraints (TOC)


Advanced Section – PowerPoint Presentations – I Am I Said


Maybe I should call this the psychoanalysis of Neil Diamond, but like all art this “tune” is a metaphor, and it is for each of us to interpret.  That said, I always thought that there was a cloud in there somewhere, a conflict, a deep personal dilemma.  Listen and see what you think.

The link below is to my powerpoint.  It is in .ppsx format, that is it is a slideshow.  It should download and run in presentation mode for you.  If experience shows that it opens in editing mode, and your system offers the prompt “open, save, save as” then select save and then open and it will run for you.

I Am I Said

All I have done is apply a set of rather simple rules – just two in fact – to the literal interpretation, the metaphorical inferences are still yours to make.  I hope that you enjoy it.


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