A Guide to Implementing the Theory of Constraints (TOC)


Advanced Section – Dice Simulators


Please click here to download & run the Advanced Dice Simulators

The file is read-only, please press “read only” if requested.

This is a simulator from balanced line to DBR to S-DBR.  It won’t run on Macs so I am told.

It was initially written in Excel 2003, it reads and works in 2010 in compatibility mode.   You may need to enable the macros in 2010, but that should be an option as you download.

Some people report that they get an error message in 2003 “macro security too high.”  To change this go to Tools, Options, Security, and then bottom right-hand corner Marco Security and set to low, this will allow the macro to run.  Don’t forget to set it back again when you have finished.

You may have to close Excel and download again in order for the changes to take effect.


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